Learning to Sew Straight and Simple Seams

I found some 99¢ Halloween themed fat quarters at Walmart. I bought a handful that I thought my daughter might like to use for … *something*. As soon as she saw them, she wanted to start sewing!

So, here is what she is doing:

  • We went through Pinterest looking for some inspiration. We narrowed it down to a few designs, and then she picked one. Well, to be honest, she picked a different one then she ended up making, but the other one had triangle points and mom wasn’t ready for that! The design inspiration she went with was jack o’ lantern blocks alternating with scrap four square blocks. Straight cuts, straight seams, simple.
  • She chose a handful of face designs – a mixture of traditional looking jack o’ lantern faces and emoji type faces. We had to add some orange and black fabric for the “pumpkin” squares, but I had some in my stash. We used wonder under fusible on a black fabric, then drew out and cut out the face shapes. Those were pressed into place on the big 6″ squares.
  • Then, I helped her with the rotary cutting. I cut the small 3 1/2″ squares up for her.
  • Once those were all ready to go, she laid everything out to design it. 
  • Seam after seam after seam. My child did them all! Not all of them are straight. Not all of them are approximately 1/4″ – but who cares?!
  • Then, she assembled all of the squares together – in the EXACT position she wanted, and help me if I touched her blocks!! She did it all by herself. Even the pressing. Which did result in one small burn, but we grabbed the aloe and a bandaid and she said she was fine and pressed on.
  • Of course, we still have work to do…. but it’s looking good so far!

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